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Salad bar, Cold buffet, main courses, Breakfast, dressing rooms, Douce Cuisine provides all services to welcome the artists, and the production crews.
Douce Cuisine has got a mobile kitchen set up in flight cases ready to go wherever we are asked in order to fulfill our clients’ needs.
All foods are cooked in our professional kitchen in Romainville or at the event venue.
• Salad Bar/Cold Buffet - 20€ / pp:
- Assortments of 7 cold and hot starters.
- Plate of local farmer’s cheeses, organic yogurts or fresh pastries.
- Mineral Water, sparkling water and Bread are included.
• Mains courses - 25€ / pp:
- Assortments of 7 cold and hot starters.
- 3 main courses (lunch and dinner) Meat and fresh fish garnish with 2 végétables side orders and veggie option.
- Plate of local farmer cheeses.
- Home madre Fresh pastries and organic fruits.
- Mineral Water, sparkling water and Bread are included.
• Breakfast - 12 € / pp:
- Coffee, tea (fair-trade), Chocolate, milk, Honey, organic Marmelade and jams -Butter, Croissants, french bread, organic orange juice and water.
•  Continental Breakfast - 16 € /pp:
- Coffee, tea (fair-trade), Chocolate, milk, Honey, organic Marmelade and jams, Butter, Croissants, french breads, organic orange juice and water -an assortment of ham and cheeses, baked beans, organic eggs omelette or scrambled eggs.
• Open Bar - 5 € / pp (all day long):
- Coffee, Teas, mineral waters, organic orange and apple juice, Soft drinks.
• Dressing Rooms - 12 € / pp (all day long):
-  Basket of organic fruits -Basket of organic cakes, sweets and nuts.
- One liter of fruit juice for each 4 people and 2 cans of soft drinks per person.
- Mineral Waters.
- Napkins and plastic cups.
• Régie - 7 € ht
• Dressing room decorations or interior - 60 € à 200 €/loges :
- Flower vases, flowers, table cloths, carpets, candle sticks, crockery, tea sets, fruit and vegetable juicer , iron board, steam iron , …
Consultancy and development
Do you organize an event, a music festival or you want to“set up the catering premises on a concert hall?
Douce Cuisine helps and guides you through the creation and development of your event or festival or catering project. We can create your seasonal menus, train and manage your staff, etc.
In 2009 Douce Cuisine and Franck Cimmarrusti launched and opened the restaurant on the ”3 Baudets theatre” in Paris: design of kitchen premises, recruitment, managing and training of staff, etc.
Artist who have already trusted Douce Cuisine
• National:
J.& D. Halliday, M. Legrand, Sixun, P. Obispo, T. Fersen, J. L. Murat, Arthur H, Calogero, Corneille, Les Têtes Raides, Cali, Les Rita Mitsouko, O. Blossom, O. Ruiz, M. Katché, D. Annegarn, Debout sur le Zinc, B. Lavilliers, Anis, A. Jaoui, Jack The Ripper, Phoenix, B. Carlotti, Nouvelle Vague, L. Foly, The DO, Yael Naim, Hocus Pocus, Manu Chao, Moriarty, G. Elmaleh, J. Birkin, D. Dufresne, E. Daho, Bénabar, G C M, Pietragalla, D. Darc, Kent, Camille, M, V. Paradis...
• International artists: 
The Doors, Marilyn Mansion, Blondie, Madredeus, K. Jarreth, I. Garbarek, Kill the young, Anti-Flag, The Strokes, Primal Scream, Sigur Ros, J. Timberlake & C.D., J.Migenes, L. Cazal, Cat Power, C. Bailey-Rae, Arcade Fire, D. D. Bridgewater, Ismael Lo, Mamany Keita, Youssou n’Dour, Mayra Andrade, Feist, C. Isaak, B. Wilson, J. Fogerty, 50 cent, B. Melhau, P. Metheny, G. Benson, Al Jarreau, A. Winehouse, D. Rice, N. Jones, E. John, Cocorosie, Within temptation G. Veloso, R. Midon, Deep Purple, B. Springsteen, S. Bettens, The Mars Volta, Apocalyptica, P. Anka, M. Green, Ligabue, Duffy, Beck, Miyavi, Last Shadows Puppets, P. Picard, M. Faracao, Hindi Zahra, M. Nascimento, T. Gurtu, Mos Def, De la Soul, Nas, Fat Freddy’’s Drop, Amadou et Mariam, Youssou n’dour, S. Keita, A. Bird, J. Brown, R. Benigni, Ska P, M. Peyroux, Buena vista social club, Ballet de Béjart, B2M, Antony and the johnsons, R & G, C. Winston, Elton John, L. Reed, Metronomy, Supertramp, Brian Ferry, STING et comment ne pas les oublier Mr PRINCE et Mme Patty Smith...
• Festivals:
PJF.06, FIDF 06, 07, 18 en scènes 06 et 07, Aux Urnes etc.., Yamaha 06, Airwaves 06, la route du rock 07 (hiver), BBNF 06, 07 et 08, Arvest, Rock the bell’s 09, Art Rock 09, Days Off 10 et 11, Big Fest 11, TSF 09, 10 et11...
• Production company and customers:
Corida, 3C, Alias prod, Dans la boite, Olympia, La cigale, Salle Pleyel et Cité de la musique Productions, Anteprima, 360 degres, 213 Prod, AZ, Abor-dage, AGDL, Aparte, Astérios, Auguri ,Aurora, Aux Urnes etc, Avant Seine de Colombes, Base Prod, Because, MMusic, Bleu Ciron, Coulier, Caramba, Deluxe, GDP, E sence, Elephant Live, Encore, Far Prod, Fidf, Flammarion, Furax, Futur Acoustic Gaiétè Lyrique, Garnce, Gibus, Illimités prod, Impérial, J-Music, Jazz From the Duke, JDB, Kiddam, Lickshot Entertainment, Life Life, Loop, Love 8, Mad Minute, Madame Lune, Madré, Market Place, MC5, Music Machine, Music service, Nous, Nueva Onda, P-Box, Périscope, Planet Live, Point Bar, Pom 3, Progressis, Pyrprod, Radical, Radio France, Rafu, Sequence, Sharz Pharma, Slo ,Sporting, Stars et métiers, TS3, UNI-T, Universal Music, Volume, Les Visiteurs du soir, Viva Spectable, Wild Rose, Yamaha Music, Yapucca...